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Everyday experiences happen … well, every day.  Sometimes a very special experience comes along that just makes you want to shout to the world about it.  Today I had one of those days.  Well, it wasn’t a whole day, it was just a matter of minutes.  They were very special minutes.

Here at Scotland Yards, we put our heart into our work.  Sometimes our work puts the heart back into us.  I was making sure that one of our houses was well presentable and ready for guests.  As I walked out, a local heating and air conditioning company van drove up.  Immediately I thought there must be a repair needed at one of our houses and he was lost.  He wasn’t lost.  He found exactly what he was looking for.  His grandmother’s spirit.

She was there.  Now I know.  I found her too.  She must have been one heck of a woman.  We hear about her often.

I invited him in to look around.  He told me stories of his grandmother welcoming him in and immediately offering him food.  Whether he was hungry or not, he had to eat something.  Stories of childhood and playing in the rooms, in the back yard, across the street and in the waters of the Chesapeake Bay.  I was mesmerized and captivated.  I remembered why I am here.

Memories are being made here at Scotland Yards.  Not just 30 some-odd years ago.  Now.  Every day.  And, they are not just everyday memories.