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Our Newest Property: Inchgarth Cottage

Here at Scotland Yards, we understand how stressful your life can be. We know how much you would love to simply lounge on a beautiful deck overlooking a private beach. Those Chesapeake Bay waves are designed to soothe a person’s soul. Life is rough at times, and we totally get it! That’s exactly why we’re here and that’s why we’re adding another amazing beachfront property to our list of beach rentals.

You’re going to love our newest addition, Inchgarth Cottage.  It’s a beautiful property that you’ll easily fall in love with. Tons of open space and natural lighting and beach sunrises will invigorate and inspire you. Let’s not forget that private beach either.

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To give you a bit more detail about Inchgarth, the cottage has a spacious open floor plan – big enough for a large gathering or intimate enough for a smaller party. Windows and glass doors to allow the natural light in. The open space allows you to kick back and enjoy the company of your friends and/or family. However, if you just need a moment away, four bedrooms provide a place of solitude for escape an escape to read a book or nap. However, we feel like you won’t want to miss the beautiful private beach so you may not stay in there for very long!

We also know that even on vacation, things can get stressful from just small things like, well, showers not working well. You also won’t have to worry about that here, as the property also has 3 fully renovated bathrooms.

In addition to a happy abundance of windows and glass doors, the property has a beautiful indoor Florida room that will allow you to soak up the warm sun without actually going outside. There’s also an amazing deck that overlooks the beach, so you’ll be able to really enjoy yourself with unobstructed views – water everywhere.

As you can see, Inchgarth Cottage can accommodate all types of people, whether you’re a social butterfly or a bookworm, it has you taken care of.

We want you to be able to leave as many worries at home as you can, so we make things easy on you. We provide our guests with towels, linens, kitchen supplies, soaps, shampoo and everything that you need to REALLY get away for awhile. The only things you have to bring are food, your personal effects… and well, yourself, of course.


You may not want to stay cooped up for your entire vacation. While Scotland is not a boardwalk, it’s an “away” destination, there are great things to see in the area – and we’ve thought of you here too. Included with the rental are 2 kayaks and 4 bicycles. That way, it’s easy to tour the Bay, the Estuaries, or nearby Point Lookout Park to your hearts content. Believe us when we tell you that there’s a lot of great scenery outside: Ospreys, herons, bald eagles, pelicans just to name a few natural beauties that you’ll see right outside.

You can read more about this new property here at our site, or reserve it now at!