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Thinking about Stuffed Ham?

With the weather getting colder and the holidays getting nearer, one of my favorite dishes has been on my mind … good ole Southern Maryland Stuffed Ham! It has always puzzled me why this area is virtually one of the only places that you can get stuffed ham. It is intriguing that whenever I go anywhere else in the United States, know one seems to know what stuffed ham is. Crazy! This is such a delish dish!

Yes, I understand. I am not a native to Southern Maryland, and I was also confused (or should I say dumbfounded!) when I first heard of stuffed ham. Why is it so great? Why do people love it? Maybe partly because it is a prized secret to St. Mary’s County! I could go into the specifics of what is in it, but it doesn’t sound all that appetizing when you hear the ingredients. Instead, I will leave you some links to further information about it and let you figure it out for yourself. Besides, something is never as good as someone else says … and it’s always best to discover it “on your own”! [wink, wink]

Oh, and everyone has a different opinion about where the best stuffed ham is served, of course. My favorite is WJ Dent & Son’s Store, affectionately known as Chief’s in Tall Timbers, MD. A little bit of a drive from Scotland, but certainly a very beautiful and worthwhile one!


Ham It Up!

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